Re: Milestones document

> However, I think the feeling is that gnome-libs is almost ready. For API
> completeness we need:

> If we can slushy freeze API by the end of this month (say December 31),
> port apps in CVS (making small changes to the API if it turns out we need
> to), then really freeze around the end of January or end of February, and
> stabilize for a month or two while focusing on applications. Then release
> gnome-libs around end of March/April.

For the love of anything you hold dear to you :) Please include API 
documentation for as many functions as possible in the next release! 
Also, include information (like Gtk+ did) on how to port applications to 
the next release - These steps will really help make the transition 

A lot of porjects have some sort of 'release coordinator' who dictates 
and enforces the steps in the release - Would this be a good idea for GNOME?

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