Re: Windows2000 coolness

> What do you guys think of a 100% OpenGL 3D window manager? The idea
> being that the window graphics themselves are merely textures on
> polygons. There would be numerous potential advantages, and it would
> allow for funky effects like the fading menu (since alpha is part of
> GL). You could even add shadows and anisotropic lighting, if you wanted
> to get tricky.
> I think a fully GL desktop with real 3D windows positioned in 3D space
> would be unbelievably cool, not to mention the fact that no other OS has
> this. Why not start taking advantage of our 3D accelerator cards?
> I don't know what it would take to get X rendering this way, but as I
> understand it, it's a pretty well separated sytem, so perhaps it's
> possible to do the rendering into textures then apply them to polys?
> -- 
> Colin Fox

This might be what you are looking for:

Peter Soendergaard

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