Re: Windows2000 coolness

Alan Shutko <> writes:

> "Daniel M. German" <> writes:
> > The main problem I see is text. Text is difficult to rotate and
> > resize. 
> Actually, if you can get at the outlines for fonts, it should be
> trivial to rotate and resize.  But I'm not sure how you'd do that.

well, I am not the expert : federico and Raph are much more aware of 
this than me but I studied this some time ago:

1) X offers no way to access to font outlines.
2) you have to read the font files to get the outlines.
ie: you have to write a font-file parser...

look at gnome-print/libgnomeprint/gt1* for a Type 1 font parser...

> (But I'm on one of those above-mentioned laptops w/o hw 3d, so I'm not
> going to be seeing it any time soon.)

I am too.

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