Re: Windows2000 coolness

> What do you guys think of a 100% OpenGL 3D window manager? The idea
> being that the window graphics themselves are merely textures on
> polygons. There would be numerous potential advantages, and it would
> allow for funky effects like the fading menu (since alpha is part of
> GL). You could even add shadows and anisotropic lighting, if you wanted
> to get tricky.
The Berlin project ( uses OpenGL for a 2D
interface, which would allow hardware acceleration of alpha compositing.

> I think a fully GL desktop with real 3D windows positioned in 3D space
> would be unbelievably cool, not to mention the fact that no other OS has
> this. Why not start taking advantage of our 3D accelerator cards?
The 3DWM authors (3DWM was mentioned in another thread) are currently
talking to the Berlin mailing list about 3D support in Berlin.

(Sorry, couldn't resist the opportunity to plug such an interesting


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