The lazy way, afaik, is to use the very nice and various python mime 
modules. You can then write some C code that access these modules!

 But then, I only know python to the point I am becoming a bigot!

 On the other, I have noticed some mime functions in gnome-libs.

 I don't know if this helps: but a 
	"locate mime |grep gnome"
 turns out the following:


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On 12/13/99, 10:32:54 PM, Chris Jones <> wrote 
regarding MIME:

> Hi

> Does GNOME contain a library similar to KDE's mimelib? (Ie a library 
that can be used to create or parse MIME messages)

> If not, could someone give me some hints on a good way to access a C++ 
library (mimelib is C++ sadly) from C?

> Many thanks,

> Chris Jones

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