There is probably something to do this in the camel library, which is part
of the evolution mail client.  I don't know if there is any released
library that does this though.

As for using C++ libraries from C programs, one way is to compile your C
program with a C++ compiler.  The other way is to write a wrapper for the
entry points you are going to use.

The wrapper would be a C++ file where each function was defined as:
  extern "C" rettype funcname(args) {
    /* code to do some C++ stuff */

This means that funcname will not be mangled, so it can be used from C.
Now you should be able to access the library from C source files.  Note
that for cross platform portability, the file containing the main()
function should be compiled with the C++ compiler (even if it doesn't use
any C++ features).  Note that this isn't strictly necessary when using gcc
on linux, but it may be necessary on other platforms.



On Tue, 14 Dec 1999, Chris Jones wrote:

> Hi
> Does GNOME contain a library similar to KDE's mimelib? (Ie a library that can be used to create or parse MIME messages)
> If not, could someone give me some hints on a good way to access a C++ library (mimelib is C++ sadly) from C?
> Many thanks,
> Chris Jones
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