Re: Hiding and Showing a MDI app

Manuel Clos wrote:

> The problem (not a problem really) is that it shows the mdi window, this
> is a little window, then childs are added and the window is resized to
> the saved size (big window). What I want is to hide this "animation".
> It would be nice if I can make the MDI app remain hided until it has
> restored its saved size.
> Should gnome-mdi-session.c be modified or can I achieve this from my
> app?
it requires hacking on gnome-mdi-session.c; actually,
gnome_mdi_add_toplevel_view() can't be used in restore_window_child()
anymore as it uses gnome_mdi_open_toplevel(), which in turn
gtk_widget_show()s the new GnomeApp immediately (I suppose this is what
bothers you). a static routine doing exactly what
gnome_mdi_add_toplevel_view() does, but without showing the GnomeApp
should be added to gnome-mdi-session.c and used in
restore_window_child(). I'll try this out tomorrow. I suppose such a
patch could be applied to both HEAD and stable.




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