gnome_canvas_update_now() broken?

I tried using gnome_canvas_update_now to work right before an idle 
function (note: if I add a never-ending idle function the canvas does not 
appear to re-draw). Anyway - it just doesn't appear to work. I have to do 
a small workaround - I have to use gnome_canvas_request_redraw of the 
entire canvas and then do that while (gtk_events_pending()) thing.

Is gnome_canvas_update_now broken? (I'm using the AA canvas)

Also - another thing - what is the "correct" way to free a 
GnomeCanvasItem? (i.e I wanna draw it and then "forget" about it, 
memory-wise) (I'll then reference it with gnome_canvas_item_at). Is this 
possible? If I plan on "manipulating" an object, should I keep it in 
memory, or free it and then re-load it later?

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