Re: gnome_canvas_update_now() broken?

On Dec 16, 1999, Ali Abdin <> wrote:
> Also - another thing - what is the "correct" way to free a 
> GnomeCanvasItem? 

Call gtk_object_destroy() on it.  Remember, a canvas item is a
regular GtkObject.

> (i.e I wanna draw it and then "forget" about it, 
> memory-wise) (I'll then reference it with gnome_canvas_item_at). Is this 
> possible? If I plan on "manipulating" an object, should I keep it in 
> memory, or free it and then re-load it later?

Not sure what you're getting at here.  The canvas will continue to
display an item for as long as it's in memory (and in the canvas).  As
soon as you destroy it (i.e. remove it from memory), the canvas will no
longer display it.  You have to keep all displayed items in memory for
the duration.


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