Re: GnomeCanvasPixbuf

On Dec 16, 1999, Joe Shaw <> wrote:
> > I hacked in a GnomeCanvasPixbuf item, but it causes
> > the app to crash on me (with or without _aa on the
> > canvas).  The app runs fine without the GnomeCanvasPixbuf.
> I had a similar problem when I started using it. Are you running
> gdk_rgb_init() in your startup routines? After I asked Federico and found
> out it was missing, putting it in made it work fine.

An easy way to tell whether it's a missing gdk_rgb_init() or a botched
canvas item parameter type is to look at the backtrace where it crashes.
If it's in GDK code, it's probably the former, and if it's in the canvas
item, it's probably the latter.  Kind of obvious, but it bears


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