I'm not sure how unique my position is, but it's worth asking...

At home I'm stuck with a 56k modem and my only access to a decent net pipe is at uni, but thanks to a particularly vicious firewall, I can't check stuff out of cvs on my laptop which means I can't get stuff from the GNOME CVS trees that I want.
I'm quite keen to get my apps converted to using GNOME 2 features like Bonobo, so this is particularly vexing.
Would it be possible to have the cvs server store a few pretty big tarballs of the whole CVS tree? If so, I (and anyone in a similar situation) could grab those from uni and then just do cvs updates on the bits I wanted to use from home.
(If this is already done, a URL would be highly appreciated).



P.S. Congrats to Miguel on the FSF award - well deserved indeed!

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