GnomeDock Functionality


It came to me while doing my little app, that we need some more 
functionality added to Docks in general.

I will just say StarOffice or any Visual MS product and you might see 
what I mean!

Let me explain a bit more.

At some point, we will start writing real software apps full of bells 
and whistles!

I will give IDE's as an example, but this applies to any app with lots 
of windows!

As it is done now, your only real choice is notebook, but 50 pages of 
notebook is no good way to
convince user that gnome is cool!

So, I was wondering if we could add he following functionality to 

1-Docks should be able to float inside the app window without 
continous resizing of everything
By this I mean that your main app window should behave like the X root 
window, allow superposition, decoration of windows (gnome would fake 
behavior of a window manager via gtk themes)

2-Docks can be minimized (via the fake win manager decoration), hidden 
(and brought back to life via some kind of toggle, the programmer 
should take care of the toggle part and where to put it)

3-Of course, Docks should still be able to get OUT of the app window 
and then become a full toplevel X window or merged in again!

How realistic is this?

H. Aurag

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