Eric Christopher <> wrote:
> 	Are you using any compression on the checkout side?  I've got a little 

Yup, I'm using the recommended -z3 option. The problem is not the time it takes to download, I don't mind waiting ages, it's the cost of that time. I'm in the UK, so I'm paying for every minute I'm online. I did a test earlier and it took about 50 minutes to grab the core componants recommended on the GNOME CVS page (and after that some of the configure scripts were broken ;). Now add on the other componants that I want to look at and it's starting to get a bit silly.
I fully appreciate that the majority of people who work on GNOME probably have better connections, or cheaper phone costs, so it's not by any means important - I was just hoping to get myself familiarised with some of the new stuff coming in to GNOME.


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