Gnome Interview - very cool! (fwd)

Can somebody please awnser these :) I'm not really "taking" new questions 
for the follow-up interview.

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Date: Sun, 19 Dec 1999 13:17:43 +0000
From: Robert Wittams <>
Subject: Gnome Interview - very cool!


The interview was really interesting. If you are going to do follow ups,
could you consider the following questions:

X Alpha channel support: Whenever anybody mentions alpha composition
(translucency), it is said there needs to be support for this at the X
level. What form would this take? A new visual type? Is any work on this
being done, that you know of?

General X extension question: 
When limits in the X architecture are uncovered ( eg alpha composition,
obtaining font details), what is the policy of the gnome team? Is it to
attempt to rectify these shortcomings in X, or implement them in a way
seperated from X? 


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