GnomeFont question

 Hi there,

I have received a week or 2 ago Havoc's book thanks to Helix code.

The book is great and all, really I am not kissing up!

Anyway, I had discovered (but got confirmation from book) that text 
handling in GnomeCanvas is shitty to say the least.

But I guess it is not shittier than X text handling (hopes this gets 
solved in Xfree 4.0).

Coming to my question soon. At some it said to wait for GnomeFont to 
be able to have nice GnomeCanvasText items.

Well, I am more than willing to wait because using X font metrics is 
really not what I'd call fun, and I need those text items to put in a 
home-brewed GnomePlot canvas-python based widget.

Well my question is when can we expect such a nice thing to happen?
Will we have python bindings for it in the standard pygnome package?

Have there been any discussion about its features?

Well my take at features is:

It should automagically use the current theme font and scale it 
whatever in a nice fashion. It should support developer given max 

Well in other words, I want a StarOffice equivalent of text frames in 
an image transposed to canvas setting!

Thanks for reading thus far!

H. Aurag

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