Re: Gnomifying Tk

[Note: I would have attached the code to the
email, but I'd rather not waste the space
except for the truly interested.]

> Just to clarify -- you mean to create a Tcl extention that uses GTK
> widgets instead of Tk widgets, yet uses the Tk command set (at the Tcl
> level) so it's a drop-in replacement for Tk?

I, too, would love to see this very extension.
I do a lot of Tcl/Tk programming at work, and 
would dearly enjoy a cohesive Tcl + Gnome 
environment to work in.

> > All you really need is a bit of experience with writing tcl extensions, tk
> > experience, and not mind getting aquainted with the gtk object system, and
> > maybe reading the source of other language bindings for ideas.
> Plus that magic ingredient, time.  :^)

That would be the primary thing holding me
back at this point. =)

> Pardon a possibly ignorant question, but besides reimplimenting Tk in
> Gtk, aren't there other things that need to be done to make Tcl/Tk
> applications play nicely with GNOME?  I am thinking of session management
> and window manager hints.  These are items that (1) could be done
> without converting Tk to use Gtk and (2) would not happen automagically
> if the conversion of Tk to Gtk you describe was done.
> So, making Tcl/Tk truly GNOMEified is at least a two-step process:
>     (1) Convert Tk to use Gtk+ (what you describe)
>     (2) Implement the non-Gtk parts of "GNOMEification" in Tcl
> and perhaps
>     (3) Use Torb for any CORBA interaction required
> Does this make sense to anyone else?

Makes sense to me.  Email me for code.  I've taken
a first crack at integrating the Tcl and Gtk+ event 
loops, and have gone so far as to have a simple 
"button" command implemented.  The packing logic 
has yet to be separated into it's own command, but
it's a start.  Anyone out there interested?

> Zach

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