No, I have not gotten a reply yet. I was about to resend the message in
case someone missed it. I am begining to think that no one is working on
OAF anymore.

On Tue, 21 Dec 1999, Rodrigo Moya wrote:

> Hi Bob!
> > Ok. I was reading through the GNOME Developers Interview, and ran across
> > mention of OAF. I have needed similar functionality to GOAD a while ago
> > but needed it to work stand alone, without gnome and X, so I had to create
> > my own system called COAL. ( Is OAF
> > still gnome/X dependent? How far along is it? If it is still X/gnome
> > dependent, and is not very far into its life, would it be perferable to
> > replace it with COAL?
> >
> Did you get any answer to this? I'm willing to have it included as part of
> GNOME, so that servers do not depend on gnome.

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