Re: Linux Gnome/GTK+ Programming Bible


I am the author of the upcoming GNOME/GTK+ Programming Bible. The
manuscript is mostly complete, and it is scheduled to be published before

The book is intended for an applications programmer, not for someone doing
internal GNOME stuff. While it isn't for a beginning programmer, it was
written so it could be used by someone having no experience with GNOME, or
even X11. Most of the book is a tutorial with lots of example code. For the
sake of clarity, I tried to boil each example down to its simplest possible

And it's true that I'm not one of the GNOME hackers. After 20 years of
programming on everything from punched cards through Motif, I decided to
try may hand at writing. I'm an old compiler writer, so I mostly write
about programming languages. Among the stuff I have written is "Java Master
Reference" and "COBOL for Dummies" (don't laugh--the checks are still
coming in).

04:28 PM 12/28/99 -0500, you wrote:
>Greg Suing <> writes:
>> I saw an upcoming book listed at entitled
>> "Linux Gnome/GTK+ Programming Bible" by Arthur Griffith.
>> I haven't heard anything about it, but I ordered it anyway.
>> Does anyone know anything about it or the author?
>We've heard of it, but the author is not one of the GNOME hackers. 
>None of the hackers has mentioned doing a tech review for it but it's
>possible that someone has.
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