Re: Linux Gnome/GTK+ Programming Bible

On Tue, Dec 28, 1999 at 03:23:23PM -0900, Arthur Griffith wrote:
> And it's true that I'm not one of the GNOME hackers. After 20 years of
> programming on everything from punched cards through Motif, I decided to
> try may hand at writing. I'm an old compiler writer, so I mostly write
> about programming languages. Among the stuff I have written is "Java Master
> Reference" and "COBOL for Dummies" (don't laugh--the checks are still
> coming in).

That last statement about the checks "still coming in" make it sound
like you're defending yourself as to why you're qualified to write a
book about GNOME programming without being one of the GNOME
developers.  It would be more helpful if you supplied a url to an
online draft copy of your book, so that it could be reviewed by anyone
interested.  I'm sure this would help a lot more than trying to defend


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