Trying to use galway; no guile binding for gtkhtml found


I am trying to use galway from CVS, and am unable to get it working.
When I start, I get the following error --

    $ ./galway-gnome.scm
    ERROR: no such module (gtk gtkhtml)

While I'm not much of a Schemer, I assume this means that it's not
finding Guile bindings for gtkhtml.  I am using 

  gnome-guile (CVS, early 12-28-99)
  gtkhtml (CVS, early 12-28-99)
  galway (CVS, early 12-28-99)

on Solaris 2.5.1.

Is there something I'm missing, or some trick to getting galway going
that I didn't notice in the README?

Thanks in advance,

Zach Frey

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