Re: Linux Gnome/GTK+ Programming Bible

On Tue, 28 Dec 1999, Andy Kahn wrote:
> On Tue, Dec 28, 1999 at 03:23:23PM -0900, Arthur Griffith wrote:
> ...
> > And it's true that I'm not one of the GNOME hackers. After 20 years of
> > programming on everything from punched cards through Motif, I decided to
> > try may hand at writing. I'm an old compiler writer, so I mostly write
> > about programming languages. Among the stuff I have written is "Java Master
> > Reference" and "COBOL for Dummies" (don't laugh--the checks are still
> > coming in).
> That last statement about the checks "still coming in" make it sound
> like you're defending yourself as to why you're qualified to write a
> book about GNOME programming without being one of the GNOME
> developers.  It would be more helpful if you supplied a url to an
> online draft copy of your book, so that it could be reviewed by anyone
> interested.  I'm sure this would help a lot more than trying to defend
> yourself.
> regards,
> --andy

Actually, the "don't laugh" statement looked to me like he was defending
the COBOL book since COBOL isn't currently (or ever?) considered a "sexy"

I don't see any reason for Arthur to defend himself.  If he wants to write
a book about GNOME, that's great.  If people buy it and get interested
in GNOME that broadens our user base and puts food on Arthur's table at
the same time.  Everybody comes out winners.

Michael Sterrett
  -Mr. Bones.-

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