nautilus&bonobo or gnome-fm&gnome-vfs


A few days ago I've asked (in private e-mail) Ettore and Elliot a few
questions about GNOME VFS. Our lab bought new, fancy digital camera and
it did not work with gPhoto. I fixed it with a simple hack in the
current gPhoto source. That hack will not work if pictures in the
camera are stored in more then one folder -- gPhoto underlying API
does not support multiple folders and filenames. At the moment I
am trying to insert additional layer taht would scan and keep camera
filesystem and then map lists of files in different directories into 
an array for use in current gphoto. 

While doing that I realyzed that digital camera VFS would be the right 
solution -- in that case file manager and image viewer will do the job
of gPhoto.
But it looks like I was not aware of recent developments:

On Mon, Dec 27, 1999 at 01:20:48PM +0100, Ettore Perazzoli wrote:
> the idea of a VFS module for the digital camera sounds great!  Maybe
> using the soon-to-be-written Nautilus extension hooks might be more
> appropriate though.  (The extensions I am talking about will let you
> populate a URL view in the file manager by using Bonobo-based
> interfaces.  The advantage is that, in this case, you are not bound to
> the limitations in GNOME VFS's idea of a file system.)

 Does it mean gnome-vfs and gnome-fm are dumped with nautilus replacing
gnomefm and bonobo objects replacing VFS? 

>     Sergey>  3) And just out of curiosity, will _oly_get_thumbnail( fd
>     Sergey> ) function be usefull? It is much faster then download of
>     Sergey> the actuall picture.
> I don't know how you could map this to the VFS.  That's one of the
> reasons why maybe this could be hooked to the shell instead of the
> VFS.

  I guess it can be done if implemented as  Bonobo-based interface.
Are there plans to have thumbnails view in nautilus?


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