Re: nautilus&bonobo or gnome-fm&gnome-vfs

> > the idea of a VFS module for the digital camera sounds great!  Maybe
> > using the soon-to-be-written Nautilus extension hooks might be more
> > appropriate though.  (The extensions I am talking about will let you
> > populate a URL view in the file manager by using Bonobo-based
> > interfaces.  The advantage is that, in this case, you are not bound to
> > the limitations in GNOME VFS's idea of a file system.)
>  Does it mean gnome-vfs and gnome-fm are dumped with nautilus replacing
> gnomefm and bonobo objects replacing VFS? 


Nautilus replaced gnome-fm, but what Ettore is suggesting is that for
the concrete task of *browsing pictures in a camera* it might be worth
having a special Nautilus view (using Bonobo) to display it.

Nautilus still uses the gnome-vfs for its file access, and you could
use nautilus with a gnome-vfs file system for cameras without the
special bonobo-viewer for cameras.


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