Re: GnomeFont question

Miguel de Icaza <> writes:

> > Well, I am more than willing to wait because using X font metrics is 
> > really not what I'd call fun, and I need those text items to put in a 
> > home-brewed GnomePlot canvas-python based widget.
> This will not be very soon.
> Currently GnomeFont encapsulated a Postscript font, and there is a
> routine that can map this GnomeFont to a "close" relative in X world.
> This mapping is not always accurrate.
> What we must do is create a renderer (based on the current renderer we
> have in libart) to render the outline fonts into pixmaps and use these
> pixmaps to draw into the X server.  It is sort of a pain, I know and
> it is not done.

I should say that Type1 is not CJK friendly (it has 256 characters
limit).  Is GnomeFont extensible enough so it conver other CJK
friendly outline formats, such as CID keyed or Truetype?

Changwoo Ryu

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