Re: GnomeFont question

Changwoo Ryu <> writes:

> Miguel de Icaza <> writes:
> > > Well, I am more than willing to wait because using X font metrics is 
> > > really not what I'd call fun, and I need those text items to put in a 
> > > home-brewed GnomePlot canvas-python based widget.
> > 
> > This will not be very soon.
> > 
> > Currently GnomeFont encapsulated a Postscript font, and there is a
> > routine that can map this GnomeFont to a "close" relative in X world.
> > This mapping is not always accurrate.
> > 
> > What we must do is create a renderer (based on the current renderer we
> > have in libart) to render the outline fonts into pixmaps and use these
> > pixmaps to draw into the X server.  It is sort of a pain, I know and
> > it is not done.
> I should say that Type1 is not CJK friendly (it has 256 characters
> limit).  Is GnomeFont extensible enough so it conver other CJK
> friendly outline formats, such as CID keyed or Truetype?

Various CJK-friendly formats (CID keyed fonts, OpenType + Type1 outlines)
do use Type1 outlines, so the rendering portion of the code should be
directly applicable. As for the remainder, well Pango is supposed
to be a replacement for GnomeFont eventually, at that point things
will be OK. (That point being, of course, still some ways off.)


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