Re: gnome-terminal and control codes

> Does gnome-terminal send proper control codes when Ctrl plus Up, Down,
> Home, or other navigation keys are pressed? Seems like it doesn't, only
> the navigation keycode gets sent, Ctrl is just dropped.

There is no standard in the xterm to send those control codes.  That
is where the problem started.

Yes, we *could* theoretically add them, but there are two problems:

     1. they would lack a mapping to the terminfo database values (of
        course, we can ignore this, but I am not so sure if we want to
        do this yet for the sake of perfect "xterm" compatibility)

     2. What escape sequence should we send?  And if we pick up one
        escape sequence, how do we make sure it is not incompatible
        with what other terminal emulators do in the future?

My advise here would be to talk to the X11 maintainers (I do not
remember who they are these days, and I left my cards at the
office) to pick, choose and set those sequences on the master xterm
copy (which would be our "reference") and then we clone those values.

Of course, we can be more active than that and provide them with a set
of suggested values together with a diff file that they would apply. 

Interested in pursuing this task?

Best wishes,

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