Encodings in gnome-print. was Re: Issues

Hello Morten,

 Miguel send me to you. Apparently "isascii" is a stopper for people with
non-Latin1 T1 fonts (I am not sure about iso8859-2 encoding). UNICODE
is not an internal format in Gtk applications, and I am not sure 
if  gnome_font_get_glyph  can find cyrillic glyph in e.g. koi8 encoded 
T1 font even if it given proper unicode value.

  Current code will work only under following conditions:

1) Internal encoding of application that uses gnome-print is unicode
   and it recode document (if needed) into locale specified encoding
   or user prefered encoding.

        *** I am sure it is not the case ***

2) gnome-print is extracting X-font encoding and creates table of
  {unicode_codes, [unicode_char_name],  T1_glyph_name,  font_code }
  The unicode_char_name (and may be T1_glyph_name) is not nessasary.
        *** I do not see it done in gnome-print ***

3) gnome-print should know encodings of the fonts used by printer

        *** gnome-print assume it is a standart Adobe encoding ***

 After looking at the code, I think you solved one problem -- printing
iso8859-1 text on real PS printer with Adobe own encoding. Most of the
people use ghostscript and it will screw them up. That, (in case of
real PS printer) adds need for another table -- printer font encoding.

 I think, as MOST OF THE PEOPLE USE GHOSTSCRIPT with iso8859-1,2,9,...
and koi8-r,u,...  encoded T1 fonts, "isascii" should be replaced by "isprint"
untill 1,2 and 3 are addressed.


On Wed, Dec 29, 1999 at 06:10:42PM -0600, Miguel de Icaza wrote:
> > While some
> > problems are just bugs, and probably waiting to be killed(e.g. #3961),
> > but some problems appeared to be introduced on purpose. Valek
> > Filippov, who translates gnumeric, gimp and many other gnome/gtk
> > programs, had to reverse(in his local copy) one of the latest changes
> > in gnome-print to get it working. He had to remove "isascii" check so
> > that Cyrillic letters are not replaced by "*".
> Oh, can you show me the diff?  And the ChangeLog accompaning it?  It
> looks to me more like a trivial mistake.
> btw, isascii is required in gnome-print, or it will crash the code.
> Ask terra@diku.dk about the details for this.

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