Re: corba and scripting questions

On Tue, Feb 23, 1999 at 11:39:59AM -0600, Miguel de Icaza wrote:
> It would be good if you got to work with the people doing the Visual
> Basic clone for the GNU project (and tell them about GNOME, they did
> not seem very excited about it).
sure, if you could give me some contact info :)
> > there's a Part interface, which is the base for each part of photon.
> > then each part has it's own interface, which derives from part
> Mhm.  I am working in something similar for the document model.  I
> think we should merge your needs and my needs into a single setup to
> get as much work done as possible.  Can you look at my `bonobo' module
> and comment on my interfaces?

I'm not sure if that's really possible. 'Part' isn't a really good name
for the interface I guess. The interface just has some functionality
to get the windows each sub-program (editor/builder/etc) has, so I can
show/hide those, and some functions for configuration pages (I want
to have the configuration in one part, sortof like gnomecc)

I'll check it out anyhow, and hopefully I'll bring my updated code with
me tomorrow, so I can commit something


Martijn van Beers

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