Re: new applet proposal for the panel in gnome-core

Fabrice Bellet wrote:
> On Thu, Jul 01, 1999 at 05:21:05AM -0700, George wrote:
> Yes, I understand the problem, and I think that shifting all the applets
> into a separate package is the right solution. It's useless to let the
> gnome-core getting bigger and bigger. Although you may keep some
> characteristics applets (well written, or using some typical
> library calls) as tutorial examples, for people who want to develop their
> own applet based on these models. Other applets have been very useful to
> me :-)
> Fabrice

	I like the idea, but I would adivise to left some applets in the core
package, like the gnome-pager and the clock that are realy 'core'

	What I mean, one should be able to run a basic functional panel with
only the core package. Other bells and whistles would come in the
applets package. I would certainly have the both of them installed any

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