Automatic *-config tool.

I recently checked in a tool to help in writting the *-config 
scripts for holding library settings and such.  It basically 
is just m4 macros taken from the various gtk-config, gnome-config,
etc scripts that had already been written.  I only macro-ized it
and added the autoconf for making it install smoothly.

I hope that in the long term it helps gives some consistant
feel between the varying -config scripts that the various libraries
use.  Any gnome developer should feel free to improve it with
new macros and better argument handlers.  It should be 
considered under the GPL and with credit to the authors 
of all the *-config scripts in the gnome project.  (Sorry, I
haven't collected up a list yet. )

The module is "autofig" in the gnome cvs.


(This is like the fourth week I have tried to send this notice,
but mail problems have been preventing it from going through.)

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