Re: Documentation and Reviews.

What do you think of also starting to make man pages on GTK+ and GNOME? I
was thinking about this the other day and I thought it would be a very
useful tool for everyone.


On Sat, 3 Jul 1999, Miguel de Icaza wrote:

> The "Visual Linux" article mentions something like:
>      "I have been told that the GNOME 1.0 API documentation is not
>       complete, this will slow down its adoption".
>      "If [...] they can come up with a documented system for writing
>       applications".
> And other interesting points from a guy that does visual development.
> It is nothing but another hint to people that if we want to make GNOME
> easy to adopt by other programmers we need to provide the entire
> documentation.  
> Federico, Ettore and me have been working very hard on documenting
> gnome-libs, but a lot of the code was not written by us and to make
> things worse we are not native speakers, so the documentations sounds
> like this:
>     "My name is john"
>     "What is your name?"
>     "I am 15 years old.  How old are you?"
>     "Good morning teacher".
> Please, help us out here:
>     1. We need to finish the entire documentation of the GNOME
>        libraries, this means: adding in-source API documentation to
>        all public entry points and filling in the blanks of the
>        appropiate "template" file.
>     2. We need people to provide example code for all the API calls.
>        Having the pure API call sometimes is not enough.  Please, do
>        help us by writing short examples that we can include.
>     3. Review the existing documentation and make sure it looks good,
>        it covers the topics it should cover, contains good english,
>        contains good examples and is clear to follow.
>     4. Help us distributing the help: making sure the proper files are
>        installed in the proper locations on the system, that the
>        Makefiles are sane and so on.
> Best wishes,
> Miguel.
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