Documentation and Reviews.

The "Visual Linux" article mentions something like:

     "I have been told that the GNOME 1.0 API documentation is not
      complete, this will slow down its adoption".

     "If [...] they can come up with a documented system for writing

And other interesting points from a guy that does visual development.
It is nothing but another hint to people that if we want to make GNOME
easy to adopt by other programmers we need to provide the entire

Federico, Ettore and me have been working very hard on documenting
gnome-libs, but a lot of the code was not written by us and to make
things worse we are not native speakers, so the documentations sounds
like this:
    "My name is john"
    "What is your name?"
    "I am 15 years old.  How old are you?"
    "Good morning teacher".

Please, help us out here:

    1. We need to finish the entire documentation of the GNOME
       libraries, this means: adding in-source API documentation to
       all public entry points and filling in the blanks of the
       appropiate "template" file.

    2. We need people to provide example code for all the API calls.
       Having the pure API call sometimes is not enough.  Please, do
       help us by writing short examples that we can include.

    3. Review the existing documentation and make sure it looks good,
       it covers the topics it should cover, contains good english,
       contains good examples and is clear to follow.

    4. Help us distributing the help: making sure the proper files are
       installed in the proper locations on the system, that the
       Makefiles are sane and so on.

Best wishes,


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