Re: MDI Child menus don't show. wrote:

> When doing:
> gnome_mdi_child_set_menu_template(GNOME_MDI_CHILD(child), main_child_menu);
> I receive no warning/error but when running the gnome app the menus won't change!
> I come back to the gnome-hello-7-MDI and I changed the
> to
well, it works fine for me. I am using the CVS gnome-libs, but neither
apphelper or mdi have been changed much lately. if the problem still
exists with your setup, could you go into a bit more detail about it.
setting a breakpoint in gnome-mdi code (libgnomeui, gnome-mdi.c,
app_set_view) and observing what happens there would also help a great

> so, the menu creation is done trough the apphelper, but then the child menu don't
> shows
> and the "Children" menu won't contain any menuitem.
does the child show at all?

> If a go back and use #undef USE_TEMPLATES to create the menus it works ok.
> I have looked at ghex code, but they are using a subclass, ...
there should be no great difference, really, the MDI only knows about
GnomeMDIChild class, which is the base class for both generic children
and the hex-document children.

> Won't this simple way work??
it does on my here. and I don't see why it wouldn't on any other




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