Re: Documentation and Reviews.

Miguel de Icaza <> writes:

> Federico, Ettore and me have been working very hard on documenting
> gnome-libs, but a lot of the code was not written by us and to make
> things worse we are not native speakers, so the documentations sounds
> like this:
>     "My name is john"
>     "What is your name?"
>     "I am 15 years old.  How old are you?"
>     "Good morning teacher".

Oh, oh ... looks like one of my problems as well ... :-(

Maybe we should keep in mind that we have a good translation team, don't we ?
So maybe we should tell people who complain about not being able to write
documentation in english "write it in your native language, someone will
translate it for you.".

What do you think ?

Martin Baulig - -

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