Re: Localization

On Mon, Jul 05, 1999 at 08:04:36AM +0800, Michael Robinson wrote:
> Second, I think gnome developers need to have greater awareness of
> localization issues beyond simply using gettext strings in their code.
> For example (from gmc):
> msgid "  %s bytes in %d file%s"
> There's no way to localize this.  It's particularly bad in Chinese, which 
> doesn't have a singular/plural distinction, and which will end up with a 
> Latin "s" character tacked onto the end of the translated Chinese character
> text.

hmm, it will also be fun in something like czech which has several plural
cases, I'm usually for:

msgid "  %s bytes in %d file(s)"

Because the logic of plural cases is SO different in different languages


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