a small suggestion about initial configuration

Dear Gnome developers,

This is a very small suggestion regarding the way the distribution
treats the netscape icon in the panel.

Currently, clicking on that icon generates a new netscape instance.
This produces an error.  It's silly to continually quit and restart
netscape, and it's silly to have an icon on the desktop
that can only be pressed once.

I suggest that, in the initial distribution, the netscape launcher
button on the panel point to something like the following (probably
you experts can make something more elegant)

if ps | grep -v grep | grep -q '/usr/lib/netscape' ; 
netscape -raise -remote 'OpenURL()' ; 
exit ; 
fi ; 

This has the effect that clicking on the netscape icon when netscape
is already running brings up the netscape window with a URL prompt.

Jeremy T.

+ Jeremy T. Teitelbaum, Professor of Mathematics
+ Department of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science (M/C 249)
+ University of Illinois at Chicago
+ SEO 322 / 851 S. Morgan Street
+ Chicago, IL 60607
+ jeremy@uic.edu                             http://raphael.math.uic.edu/~jeremy

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