Re: a small suggestion about initial configuration

[ DrMike, this is a small change that could be done to the panel, but
  I do not know where the panel in gnome-core rpm loads its default
  configuration from ]

> Currently, clicking on that icon generates a new netscape instance.
> This produces an error.  It's silly to continually quit and restart
> netscape, and it's silly to have an icon on the desktop
> that can only be pressed once.

This seems to me like your configuration is launching Netscape instead
of invoking gnome-moz-remote. 

I just checked my default Red Hat setup and indeed, it launches
Netscape instead of gnome-moz-remote.  

DrMike, can we make it so that the Netscape icon in GNOME executes
"gnome-moz-remote" instead of "netscape"?

best wishes,

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