Re: Gnome canvas issues

>Are you guys using the AA canvas? The most recent gnome-libs versions seem
>to have broken this even more than it already was; GnomeCanvasRect simply
>doesn't work as far as I can tell. Guppi does all sorts of weird stuff
>that's not my fault. :-)

I get bad behavior with either flavor of the Canvas.  I agree it needs
some serious work getting it documented completely and fixing the show-stopper
bugs I ran into.  I think only a handful of people have actually used it, so
it isn't as well tested as some of the GNOME API.  It really could be a
good way to get people to code for GNOME.

I'm confident we can get it into shape. Federico is away till the 19th
but when he gets back I'll have him look into it.

Dr Mike

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