seg fault on setting GdkColor before gtk_main()


My program has some functions to save and load some color information for use
in a text block. If I run it with the file loading part disabled, it calls a
default function which declares the colors with harcoded values. If I call it
with the color loading thing in place, then it starts up, sees the colors right
and works except for the menu, the gtk version crashes when I click my font
selector, the gnoem version crashes when the mouse goes over a menu item
(not the main '' bar, but the dropdown items). If I bind something
to the color load function, and run the program, then it all works just fine.

I'm going to guess there is something done when gtk_main() is just starting
that makes it safe for my loaded color declarations :/

It segfaults when I click on the menubar in gnome, and when I actually try
to click something on teh gtk+ only version. gdb says it's strncmp(), but I've
tried commenting out all my strncmp()s and it still fails :/ is this a stupid
memory allocation mistake? it's driving me buggy :) not that I was sane to
start with...

If anyone thinks seeing the source would help, I can email it to you. The
program is a mud client [] (quit laughing)

	-Erik <>


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