Re: seg fault on setting GdkColor before gtk_main()

On Sat, 10 Jul 1999 wrote:
> I'm going to guess there is something done when gtk_main() is just starting
> that makes it safe for my loaded color declarations :/

I can't think of anything that could possibly do this. Before gtk_init(),
maybe - but not before gtk_main().
> It segfaults when I click on the menubar in gnome, and when I actually try
> to click something on teh gtk+ only version. gdb says it's strncmp(), but I've
> tried commenting out all my strncmp()s and it still fails :/ is this a stupid
> memory allocation mistake? it's driving me buggy :) not that I was sane to
> start with...

It's probably just a memory corruption bug in your program, or perhaps
some misunderstanding of the API. Could be a Gkt bug though.


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