Re: Text editors

Christopher Atlee wrote:
> Hi there,
> Would it not make sense for these programs to make use of a common text
> editor instead of providing their own? 

 Yes it does, but for now, there's no real editor that is easy to use 
and powerfull for the ordinary user and that have the GPL or 
any acceptable licensing available; the one I would prefer is 
still nedit, but the licensing is not quite ready; or acceptable
to the general GNU community.

> I was thinking that it would be great if I could use a componentized version
> of vim in any application that needed a text editor. 

 I don't think that using a vi clone, or a emacs clone as a
editor is a good idea, remember that we may be using gnome and, for
of us, we are in the "programming" business or in the hacking 
( in good sense of the word ) hobby, but if the goal of the gnome
community is to offer an alternative to commercial OSes, we have to 
be sure that the tools that are included in the packages must be 
dummy proof and easy to use without leaving to options to let 
more advance users use the tools to their fullest.

 The editor wars is one of the more important one ( I think ) 
on the GNU/Linux front, I remember when I started using Unix, 
the only editor available was vi, and emacs, I used to have a
hell of a time just using those tools; but it's my jobs and I 
had to learn those tools to be effective.

 but if I have to propose linux and gnome to my mother and the 
first thing she wants to do is send an Email to someone, and 
she is presented with vi ( or emacs ) she will turn around and
not look at linux again. that's why I don't believe the use of 
vi clone or emacs clone are the way to go.

 Remember that creating software, is not only for us 
"geek/nerd/hacker/developer" but also for the general 
public ( and your mom ! ).

 Also , I still agree with the original idea to have one 
editor "widget" for most gnome tasks the require and editor, 
and that it should offer the possibility to be easy to use and
powerfull enough for everyone.


Maximilien Lincourt, B. info.,  Software developer
org:Toonboom Technologies Inc.;Research and Development
title:Programmer / Technical Leader TicTacToon
fn:Maximilien Lincourt

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