Re: Desktop::Editor

Martijn van Beers wrote:
> > mimics the internals of a real editor. I would like to see a
> > separation of manipulating an editor through a buffer or through
> > a view. Manipulating through a buffer would not display anything
> > to the user, whereas through a view, the manipulations would be
> > shown. Some other differences:
> Hmm, why would you need an editor interface if you're going to
> edit the file internally? If you want that, you can just change
> the file at will, no?
Because I need to change the version currently loaded in the
editor. Someone may wish to run a source analysis tool without
saving. Secondly, I may have a "Find in all buffers." I don't
wnat to display every view when searching.

Perhaps most could be acheived through the EditorView as long
as screen updates could be suspended, and the outside manipulator
was nice about restoring the current editing position.

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