Re: GNOME panel "menu" applet

I've always preffered a simple text-file menu system. Much easier to
manipulate with simple scripts/programs, easier to update/fiddle with, and
you can do cool things with pre-parsers (see enlightenment).

I definitely would like to see the "personal" menu combined transparently
with the "global" menu. Why should I have two Applications menus, two
Image Editor menus, two Internet Menus etc.

I don't care whether I, or a sysadmin installed the software, I don't want
that sort of menu duplication.

Also, many people do *not* use Gnome in a true multiuser environment, and
therefore do not distinguish between "user" and "global".

If a menu item in my ~/.gnome/apps has the same name as one in
/usr/share/gnome/apps, I want my personal entry instead of the global one.
This allows users without root priviliges to personalise the pre-existing
menu items.

I love Gnome, but the current menu system grates somewhat.


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