account maintainance

I turned off FTP logins for everyone except anonymous - people should be
using scp or other secure methods for file transfer...

It would be appreciated if everyone with a shell account on the box would
create a ~/.forward file so other people aren't bothered with machine

The following people don't have an email address listed in the database of
CVS committers (a year after my last plea ;-)

	alastair amundson brettk carsten cesar che clahey collins crichton
	csmall darkwing entropy erich ffilm frb imain jams jens jgarzik
	jkominek jpaint kmaraas kulow lewing linas max miro mitchell namsh
	nbryant neo nether nopzor norbert ogre pavel pavlov pcg pmattis
	psheer raph rhlabs rockwalru rosalia scottc sct shaver shige
	sjburges srn stefan szekeres szi terumoto tigert timg toshok
	ttarant urut vinc wlashell xach yacc

If you send the necessary info to me, I'll get it into the DB right away.

-- Elliot

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