Re: gnome-file-entry and gtk_file_selection

Hola Miguel,

 Miguel de Icaza twisted the bytes to say:

 >> Do people thing this is the way to go? x11amp does the rescanning.
 >> gnumeric (0.26) crashes. 

 Miguel> Oh my god.  How do I reproduce this problem?

Try the following:

run gnumeric

open file

type (do not use the mouse)


or any directory name as a matter of fact, WITHOUT the trailing /

It will crash.

Nobody answer to my question. Any comments anybody?

After I sent it I learnt that using the "tab" keystroke does
completion. I wonder if it is documented somewhere. Now that I know,
it is much easier to use. Nonetheless, the return behaviour bothers
me. Any comments?

 Miguel> Miguel.

Daniel M. German                  "It is a kind of spiritual snobbery
   Albert Camus  ->                to think one can be happy without money."


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