Re: GNOME panel "menu" applet

James Henstridge writes:
>Another option would be to use a system a bit like something I heard about
>in hurd.  They have the ability to in effect mount one directory over the
>top of another, so if a file is not found in one directory, it is checked
>for in the other directory.  When you write new files, they are written
>to the first directory.
>Maybe it would be worth implementing something like this for the panel
>menus.  It would give the user the freedom to edit their menus as much as
>they want, without problems.

I really don't know what I'm talking about, and so I may be blowing
smoke, but my third-hand understanding of rdf suggests that we could
make use of it here.  If we constructed (internally) an xml representation
of the menu tree and used rdf to merge in local customizations, we could
get the same effect without having to use OS features like transparent
directories.  I'm told (again, remember, I know nothink...) that rdf
even has the capability to store "negative entries" that act to locally
delete tree elements.

Does anyone here know whether these randomly firing neurons correspond
directly or indirectly with reality?


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