Re: GNOME panel "menu" applet

On Tue, Jul 20, 1999 at 08:59:33AM +0800, James Henstridge wrote:
> Windows NT has separate user and system menu heirachies, but integrates
> them.  So, if there is an applications menu in both system and user
> heirachies, they will be placed in the same menu with a separator between
> them.  Something like this:
>                         +--------------+
>                         | user items   |
>      +----------------+ +--------------+
>      | Programs     > | | system items |
>      |                | +--------------+
> Most NT applications will install their menu items under the system
> heirachy, where they can't be edited by users.  A default user menu is
> created the first time they log in, which contains some of the more often
> used items such as the file manager, terminal window and a few other small
> programs -- things the user is most likely to want to change.

It is very similiar to our setup then, except that we have all the programs
on the toplevel ... I can't remember if the default setup is to put both user
and system on the toplevel with a separator, but it can be changed in the
menu preferences

So I don't see what is there to change on the current panel

> Maybe it would be worth implementing something like this for the panel
> menus.  It would give the user the freedom to edit their menus as much as
> they want, without problems.

if someone wants to do that go ahead, but I think there is already entough
complexity in the code.

> Of course, most of these suggestions lead to more stat calls, which would
> slow the menus down further, without more memory intensive caching.

contrary to what miguel will tell you stating a not very large directory is
pretty fast (I have never seen anyone complaing about ls -l being slow :)


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