Re: Need to learn lots about CORBA, Bonobo very fast

On Thu, Jul 22, 1999 at 11:26:21PM +1000, Jason Stokes wrote:
> >From a standing start of pure ignorance I'd like to learn a lot about 
> CORBA and Bonobo very fast.  Does anyone have any advice on good CORBA 
> books, references etc?  I've already checked out most of the books in the 
> local university library, and found the books they have on CORBA 
> alternately superficial and/or dense to the point of impenetrable.

There is almost no documentation that is good for ORBit imnsho.  I 
worked with mico for about a week and used that documentation and 
examples. Now it's much easyer to use ORBit than before that.

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