Re: GNOME Sound Server, was Re: GNOME sounds - which componenthandles this?

You're wrong; ESD is not dependent upon Enlightenment. It has other
problems, though, and I think there are people who want to write a new
sound server. You might also be interested to know that some of the ALSA
hackers are interested in writing a new sound server as well.


On Thu, 22 Jul 1999, Augusto Cesar Radtke wrote:

> This message in gnome-list give me some ideas in mind, isn't the time for
> GNOME have a full featured sound server? 
> Like esd, but esd only work with e, so the GNOME sound server should work
> with all GNOME compilant window managers (a little changes in wm spec will
> be need). ie. window maker has your own sound events, if he is 100% new
> GNOME sound compilant, when he receives a sound event, he send the event
> to gnome sound server, and gnome plays this event.
> And another GNOME apps can send their sounds directly to GNOME sound
> server, who have some nice features like playback of multiple samples
> simultaneously.
> Well, you get the idea. What the real GNOME hackers think about that?
>    -augusto
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