GNOME Sound Server, was Re: GNOME sounds - which component handlesthis?

On Thu, 22 Jul 1999, Paul Barnfather wrote:

> GNOME sounds don't work on Sparcs (console reports "Gnome-WARNING **:
> only sample widths of 8 and 16 supported <-1> sample not found")
> This is with the latest release of all packages (as of today :-)
> I'd like to report this as a bug, but I'm not sure which GNOME
> component could be at fault: gnome-core? gnome-libs? esd ??
> Could someone point me in the right direction? Thanks...

This message in gnome-list give me some ideas in mind, isn't the time for
GNOME have a full featured sound server? 

Like esd, but esd only work with e, so the GNOME sound server should work
with all GNOME compilant window managers (a little changes in wm spec will
be need). ie. window maker has your own sound events, if he is 100% new
GNOME sound compilant, when he receives a sound event, he send the event
to gnome sound server, and gnome plays this event.

And another GNOME apps can send their sounds directly to GNOME sound
server, who have some nice features like playback of multiple samples

Well, you get the idea. What the real GNOME hackers think about that?


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